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The Luna Tide girl has a wild heart.

She is inspired by nature, a free spirit who travels to far away destinations to wander through the wild, wild wilderness.

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About Luna Tide

Hi, I’m Sarah; a dreamer, an adventurer and owner of Luna Tide.

Luna Tide is women-led gemstone jewellery company based in the Gold Coast, Australia. We lovingly hand make each piece to order from our studio. I make my designs in over 30 different gemstones! Each jewellery item is offered in bronze, stainless steel, sterling silver or 14k gold fill, so you can choose the perfect gem and metal for yourself or someone special. Take a look around and fall in love with your next statement piece. I look forward to making your jewellery!

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Five unique ways to use Amethyst in your home

Five unique ways to use Amethyst in your home

If like us, you love the healing powers of Amethyst, we’re excited to share with you 5 unique ways in which you can use Amethyst in your home to create calming energy and overall feeling peace and wellbeing.

Four empowering self-love rituals with Rose Quartz

Since February tends to focus in on Valentines Day, it’s often termed the month of love. And whilst we love to celebrate in the love-fest that is Valentines Day, we also think that love is an incredible energy for every single day, so we’re sharing some of our favourite ways to create empowering love-filled rituals using the stone of love itself; Rose Quartz.
Four empowering self-love rituals with Rose Quartz

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