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May Birthstones

Promoting prosperity and love, emerald is a gorgeous deep green stone, guaranteed to dazzle the wearer (and enchanted admirers) time after time. Known as the poet's gemstone, emerald oozes romance and makes for the perfect present for whimsical dreamers. Fellow May birthstone chrysoprase also brings good fortune and strengthens friendships. The alluring light green gemstone enhances happiness and helps to mend bohemian girls' broken hearts. See our full range of May birthstone necklaces and bracelets below.

Emerald Chip Bead Bar Bracelet

From $ 34.00 AUD - $ 52.00 AUD

Chrysoprase Teardrop Earrings

From $ 65.00 AUD - $ 85.00 AUD

Emerald Chip Bead Bar Anklet

From $ 34.00 AUD - $ 54.00 AUD

Emerald Beaded Chain Bracelet

From $ 44.00 AUD - $ 64.00 AUD

Emerald Chip Bead Bar Necklace

From $ 35.00 AUD - $ 68.00 AUD

Emerald Statement Hoop Earrings

From $ 83.00 AUD - $ 103.00 AUD

Emerald Beaded Chain Anklet

From $ 52.00 AUD - $ 72.00 AUD

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