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September Birthstones

September; a month of late sunshine, magical leaves changing to autumnal golds and exciting anticipation in the air as we embrace a new season.

September's birthstones iolite and lapis lazuli fit perfectly with Mother Nature's glorious transformation - with dreamy ocean blue iolite (also known as water sapphire) offering perspective and self-assurance and starry night sky inspired lapis lazuli stimulating wisdom and vision.

See our full range of handmade September birthstone jewellery - including iolite necklaces and lapis lazuli bracelets below.



Dainty Sapphire Gemstone Anklet

From $35.00 AUD - $55.00 AUD

Sapphire Statement Hoop Earrings

From $83.00 AUD - $103.00 AUD

Sapphire Boho Lariat Necklace

From $67.00 AUD - $87.00 AUD

Sapphire Bead Drop Choker

From $55.00 AUD - $75.00 AUD

Dainty Sapphire Lariat Necklace

From $67.00 AUD - $87.00 AUD