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Iolite Teardrop Earrings

From $78.00 AUD - $88.00 AUD

Iolite Boho Lariat Necklace

From $78.00 AUD - $114.00 AUD

Iolite Bead Drop Choker

From $55.00 AUD - $75.00 AUD
  • Iolite is also known as water sapphire.
  • It is known as the Vikings' Compass as Vikings used the gem as a looking glass while exploring the oceans.
  • It is thought to provide vision that assists in moving between the realms.
  • It offers perspective and self-assurance.
  • Iolite is thought to encourage creative self-expression.
  • It is an alternative September birthstone to Sapphire, and the natural birthstone for those born when winter begins to mid-winter (21st December-18th February).