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Jewellery Care

All jewellery is delicate, so please handle it with care.

Both sterling silver and 14k gold fill jewellery is hypoallergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

You can wear your jewellery in the shower but I don't recommend doing so as it requires extra care. Jewellery care instructions are included in the box.

Jewellery Information

  • I offer all my designs in bronze, silver plated, gold plated, sterling silver and 14k gold filled
  • Sterling silver and 14k gold fill jewellery is hypoallergenic
  • All jewellery is lead and nickel free
  • All jewellery is adjustable with a 2-inch long extender chain

What is the difference between plated, sterling silver and gold fill jewellery?

  • Plated jewellery is a thin layer of sterling silver or gold metal plated over a brass metal base.
  • Sterling silver is .925 silver with a .075 copper additive. It is a more affordable version of real silver. Sterling silver is more suitable for people with sensitive skin and is more tarnish resistant than silver plated jewellery.
  • Gold fill is a thick layer of gold that has been bonded over a base metal. It is an affordable alternative to solid gold that is durable, tarnish resistant and wearable for people with sensitive skin. I strongly recommend it over the plated options if you want to wear your jewellery every day.

How to send a gift directly to someone

I can send the jewellery directly to a gift recipient if you put their address as the delivery address when you checkout. There is no extra charge for this service as the shipping cost is calculated to their address only. All jewellery is individually gift wrapped and parcels do not include prices in them.

Let me know in the message box on checkout that it is a gift. If you'd like to include a short message from you to the gift recipient in the parcel please let me know the message here and it will be included in your parcel.

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