Lulled by the Luna Tide

Hi, I’m Sarah; a dreamer, an adventurer and owner of Luna Tide.

Luna Tide began life in 2014 (although back then it was known as Moon Tide). I’d been travelling and exploring all that Mother Earth has to offer when my love affair with crystals deepened and, whilst wearing my crystals, I still felt connected to her, even if I was sat indoors, rather than running wild and free.





Struggling to find fully customisable crystal jewellery that made my heart soar, I started to create my own. And Luna Tide became my escape – my creative outlet after a demanding day, my headspace and my adventure, without even leaving my living room.

So much so that I spent any spare time, my evenings and weekends, dreamily designing and creating crystal jewellery, for me and for you little gems, also wanting to feel connected to the natural world - fellow bohemian girls that I hope would too feel free and ready for an adventure. Wanderlust travellers who want to explore each corner of the world. Fellow nature-lovers inspired by Mother Nature’s beauty.



And I can honestly say that I’m living my dream – all thanks to the fellow wanderers, dreamers and explorers who’ve supported my designs. I really can’t thank you enough.

Each design is unique and made from natural crystal quartz, semi-precious stones and shells.

I use natural elements so that you can take a piece of the earth with you wherever you go – as you break free to explore snow-capped mountains, run through fields of wildflowers or watch the waves gently lap the shore.